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Mission Statement

The HLSA of NYC has almost 6,000 members. Our mission is to foster networking, engagement and mutual support amongst Harvard Law School, Alumni, and Faculty. Through supporting variety of programs and hosting several events, the HLSA of NYC is the driven hub of thousands of alumni and provides an active, dynamic, vibrant, platform of networking possibilities and professional enrichment. We want to continue this work and develop new prosperous connections for all HLSA of NYC members and serve as a resource for all of their professional networking needs.

Upcoming Events

Past Events

2018 Symposium on Innovation: Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, Artificial Intelligence, and the Impact of Innovation on Society







Caption left to right: Joe Osnoss AB '00, Caitlin Long JD '94, Fredrick Voss, Emily Binick, Steve Peikin JD '91, Sadia Halim

Unique Perspectives of HLS Women in Startups




Caption left to right: Aisha Christian '98, Bernice Grant '03, Salvo Arena '00, Kelly Shapiro '05,  Evangeline Gomez,  Fanni Koszeg '99, Sarah Carson

2016 Symposium: Private Interests, Public Issues

Read Symposium Executive Summary here






Caption left to right: Former Dean Martha Minow, Salvo Arena '00; Steven Oliveira, Karen Chance Mercurius, Julian Castro JD '00

SCOTUS  Bar Swearing-In Ceremony
June 8, 2020

On June 10, 2019 - 46 HLS alumni participated in the Law School’s sixth annual group admission to the Bar of the Supreme Court of the United States. Registration for the June 8, 2020 Swearing-in Ceremony is now open. Request your space today!



HLS Amicus is a community building tool, featuring an alumni directory, with advanced search and messaging capabilities.

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Help us to build a better HLSA of New York City. Let us know what you, as HLS Alumni living in NYC would like to see from your local HLSA Chapter.  Speaker events, networking reception, casual happy hours?

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We hope you stay connected by attending our upcoming events. Interested in more info or looking to get involved? Please email us at info@nyc.hlsa.org

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